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To order Daryl-Ann's recipe book, please email janine@darylann.co.nz. Just $10 + $2 postage anywhere in NZ. Thanks for your support!

Donations through our Donate button will be made to Janine Bolton - Daryl-Ann's mother - and will be forwarded to Daryl-Ann's trust account in full. Please leave the reference 'Daryl-Ann' in the Paypal payment to ensure your donation is correctly identified. Thank you for your support!


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Daryl-Ann's Recipe Book

With over 250 favourite recipes, donated from Daryl-Ann's friends and family all over New Zealand and the world, this book is the perfect addition to any collection. All recipes are tried and true favourites of the submitters and are sure to please.

A beautifully printed collection, covering everything from breakfasts to desserts, packed into a convenient, A5 sized book, which has been plastic comb bound, to allow it to lie flat on your work surface, so you won't lose your place.

Daryl-Ann's Recipe Book is priced at only $10.00 (+ P&P where applicable) and is available by sending an email to janine@darylann.co.nz

3,300 copies of the recipe book were printed and sold! Thank you all for your support. We intend to reprint this book later this year. Watch this space, or to avoid disappointment, email us and we can fill your order first!

Some of the comments we have received:

"I now have a new salad to take as a plate - this Nutty Pasta Salad. Simple to make and tastes absolutely delicious! My friend bought a recipe book after tasting this recipe!"

"...Those Snickerdoodles worked great, Brad ate 5 at lunch time, first thing he said after his nap was "can I have a Snickerdoodle:, then we got home from being out this afternoon and whilst I was making tea "can I have a Snickerdoodle." Told him I made them for kindy party tomorrow and he said he didn't want me to take them cause he wants to eat them all!!.... "

"The Chicken Coca-Cola Casserole is tasty, but the best thing about this recipe was the ease with which it could be prepared. If you are in a rush, this is a very very easy casserole to make and then forget about until it is cooked!"

"...Have made 2 lots of caramello balls and yesterday I made the lime slice ...It's to die for!!..."

"The Self Crusting Corn Quiche is absolutely delicious! This recipe is now added to my favourites!"

"...books received, thank you so much! They're great :) I've kept one for myself and gave one to mum and can't wait to try some of them out soon. It's such a great idea and I can see why they have been so popular. I love all the photos too."

"The recipe book was a hit, I'd like to order another."